20 day Forgiveness Journal

See yourself in a new light as you transform your thoughts so you can release unforgiveness & receive love more completely

20 reflective mind, body & spirit exercises for transforming daily thought processes.

After enduring a physical trauma followed by a heartbreak, Beth Brown’s thought life spiraled out of control. Her emotionally dark thought patterns negatively affected her relationship with herself, God, her business and love. Over the course of 3 years, God patiently led her on a forgiveness & healing journey. Through this journal she shares 20 journaling prompts so others can experience mindset transformations and live lives of freedom, peace and authenticity.

This journal will help you with:

  • clearing up false ideas about what forgiveness is and isn’t
  • taking back your power even in your pain
  • experiencing emotional breakthroughs so you can receive and give love more completely
  • freeing yourself from imposter syndrome, people pleasing and in general not feeling “good enough”
  • releasing anxiety from your body that has built up as a result of unforgiveness.

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