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How To Stay Calmly Confident In 3 Steps…

Even if someone disturbs your inner peace!

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When I first started my healing journey after going through a physical trauma & then a heartbreak, I was confused, angry & didn’t recognize the woman looking back at me in the mirror.  My self-esteem & hope were wrecked.

If you’re in a place wishing you could enjoy your peace, relationships & life, but don’t know how it will be possible to experience being comfortable again, good news, I can help you get there.

Hi!  I’m Beth Brown, a Christian Confidence Coach where I help Christian women & men transform their lives & confidence so they can develop their relationships free from shame, fear, perfectionism or not feeling worthy. 

I teach 3 very specific things:

  1. How to develop a new personal vision through redefining identity based on God’s truths & disempowering the lies you’ve believed about yourself

  2. How to make peace with painful memories in order to move forward on forgiveness, even without closure

  3. How to break free from spiritual oppression (e.g. repeating patterns of frustration, setback, delay, rejection, etc.) & instead walk regally into spaces seeing yourself as the masterpiece you are

After 3 years of focusing on my own personal healing from trauma & then a heartbreak, I have a unique approach to increasing your happiness & confidence & decreasing your stress & anxiety in your relationships no matter what your current situation.

Now I know you’re thinking “Wow! But I don’t know if I can possibly have that?”

I invite you to watch my free training on 3 Keys For Confident Inner Peace.

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Yes! Watch 3 Keys For Confident Inner Peace Now!

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