You make my shutter go CLICK!®

Portraits with Pzazz!

Every story I’ve ever lived Recorded by my Beating heart Speaks no language Man can decode Unless he looks Into my eyes Those windows To the pages Of my soul It would take His lifetime And then some To read Carefully Through them all

Portraits with Pzazz!

If I could bottle timeI’d bottleThe smoothness Of my young beauty Fresh on my facade And only wear Timely wisdom earned That comes with Fine lines Gray hairs Sagging breast & butt Tucked away in my soul Then again Hidden inside There’s be no testimony Showcase God to the world Of battles fought Victories won […]

Behind The Scenes

They say love is a war Fair or not I say my heart’s stuck on you Until my last breath Beyond eternity I’ll fight & pray for you

La Vie En Rose

You! You are who I love All of you Unconditional There’s no one else No where else I prefer So happy Making you happy I absolutely love you YOU!

Portraits with Pzazz!

I rolled up On my goals Like what’s up? That’s what’s up Making my life happen

Portraits with Pzazz!

Art Is my language Running Through my veins Dripping Off my fingertips Born To create By my creator Beauty So many forms Beholden I am the beholder

Behind the Scenes

Baby you You amaze me so Don’t know how I did Did life before you Yes you You please me so Make my smile glow Love hear me purr Lover let me Whisper in your ear You’re the one I want to give my very best Don’t you let it go Don’t ever let me […]

La VIe En Rose

Don’t need you to be perfect All I need is you to be the perfect man for me Love me enough To not want to live without my loving You be the present & future The one who makes my heartbeat sing My smile glow Secure in knowing you’re for real No matter which way […]